Loudness Recommendation EBU R128, adopted by the CNA

The National Audiovisual Council of Romania adopted on the 18th of June 2013, in public meeting, the recommendation regarding the loudness levels in broadcasted programs.

The recommendation was issued following the loudness irregularities within programs, within programs of the same channel and between different radio and television channels, which triggered numerous complaints from listeners and viewers.

The National Audiovisual Council of Romania approved the recommendation after analyzing the different technical aspects involved in the broadcasting process of audiovisual programs under Romanian jurisdiction and after debating this matters within the meetings of the LOUDNESS Working Group.

The document is in line with the experience accumulated by different European states which put into practice the Recommendation EBU R128 – 2011 on „Loudness normalization and permitted maximum level of audio signals” adopted by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

The Council established a common measurement reference in order to preserve the original sound and its artistic value. At the same time, the technical equipment needed by the radio and TV stations is taken into account.

The recommendation’s purpose is to assure the loudness normalization of the broadcasted programs by setting a measuring standard, in order to preserve the initial/original sound and his artistic value.

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